Sadly, we must report the passing of Pacific Zone Director, Joe Clark on February 28, 2013.
Another fallen Rotarian hero and Past President of Rotary Club of El Segundo, Joe was 82 years young.

He probably already is sitting with Paul Harris now trying to work out some sort of Mail Delivery between our two worlds. Many of you may not know that Joe was the Postmaster of El Segundo for many years. He was always fun and happy. Joe was always such a good sport. His values spoke for themselves and he wore them well.

Joe and Leah joined the RVF in 2000. Joe became Pacific Zone Director in 2009 and was looking forward to serving his third term as Director 2013-15. We thank Joe for his strong and faithful support of the RVF by his participation and the many friendships all across North America that he made at all the rallys he went to and acting as Wagonmaster for several rallies.