RVF Timeline of Membership Chair


  1. Communicate with Webmaster and Caravanner Editor
    1. The current Membership List
    2. Death of a Member with article
    3. Quarterly report for Caravanner on New Members
  2. Communicate with Zone directors
    1. New members in their zone
    2. Members in default
    3. Death of member
  3. Communicate with RVF President.
  4. Submit Membership report to the board during Annual or Semi Annual Board Meetings
  5. Process New Members
  6. Facilitate dues
    1. March thru June notify that dues are due
    2. June thru December – nag and call
    3. Process checks – give Treasurer name and amount
    4. Update date and amount in roster
  7. Every two years compile a roster booklet (even years) – work with Printer


Timeline for processing New Member

Receipt of New Member Application

  1. Communicate with New Member
  2. Add New Member to Roster
  3. Order Badge with their city/state
  4. Process Check – give Treasurer name, amount, and address
  5. Mail Roster
  6. Email welcome and RVF info on how to join FB and go on website
  7. Email Zone Director
  8. Quarterly notify Caravanner Name and city/state