RVF Timeline of a President

4 years previous - voted in as Vice President

2 years previous - President Elect –

  • Decide and request people to join your board and have an idea where you will have your Annual Rallies

1st year:

  1. June Annual Meeting is followed by your first board meeting
    1. Agenda would be to vote in your board and discuss goals for next two years if Vice President not voted on at Annual meeting is should be discussed
    2. Prepare for next year's Annual Rally; request Wagonmaster and/or emcee
    3. Discuss next year’s Highway Safety Award – if possible
  2. 1st Annual Rally –
    1. Introduce your board
    2. Discuss next Annual Rally
    3. Present Highway Safety Award
    4. Annual Board Meeting
    5. Fundraiser for Highway Safety

2nd year:

  1. September – appoint Past President and 2 members at large to fill vacancies in board and nominate a Vice President
  2. January – post board members for the following year to be approved at the Annual Rally board meeting
  3. 2nd Annual Rally – During rally
    1. Introduce your board and incoming board.
    2. Give gift to all your board members
    3. Have incoming President talk about the next Annual Rally
    4. Present Highway Safety Award
    5. Fundraiser for Highway Safety
    6. Annual Board Meeting
    7. Attend “new” board meeting as Past President


  • Two years support incoming President and board


  1. Communicate with Webmaster and Caravanner Editor your wishes – It is your years
  2. Communicate with Zone directors and have a pulse for the dates for rallies coming up. Try to prevent overlap of rallies so that RVers can travel from one to another.
  3. Direct Secretary when to send card of condolence or Paul Harris donation.
  4. 2 weeks before Quarterly Caravanner write a President’s Message. Give him a few pictures of you and your spouse.
  5. Support the rallies when possible and present the wagonmaster badge to new wagonmasters.
  6. Review treasurer’s report EVERY MONTH and monitor Annual Rally income.
  7. Communicate with RVer’s going to the Annual Rally.
  8. Work with Wagonmaster for Annual Rally to facilitate a smooth Rally.
  9. Prepare and submit Agenda for Board Meetings
  10. PROMOTE RVF - PROMOTE Rallies – PROMOTE Annual Rally

Timeline for rally promotion – Get on calendar 2 quarters before.  Registration when all info is in should be quarter before with deadline being the month before.