RVF Zone Director – Job Description January 2019

Guidelines for actions that an RVF Zone Director might take to:

  • encourage the involvement of RVF members in activities in their zone;
  • inform District Governors about the existence of RVF AND encourage Districts to recognize RVF as a Fellowship of Rotary;
  • attract new members to the RVF
  • encourage wagonmasters and solicit new wagonmasters
  • communicate with other Zone Directors and President to coordinate rally dates
  • communicate with Caravanner editor and Webmaster

It is recognized that all Zone Directors are very active Rotarians and only have so much time to donate to RVF. This volunteer service is greatly appreciated. It is highly recommended that Zone Directors create a committee or team of members within their zone to assist them to:

  1. Advise all District Governors within the zone of your appointment as Zone Director for RVF;
  2. Request all District Governors within the zone to:
    1. advise District Chairman of Fellowships Committees of your RVF Zone Director appointment
    2. permit submission of information about RVF for inclusion in the:
      1. District Directory
      2. District website
      3. District Facebook page and other social media used by the District;
      4. District Conference House of Friendship utilizing table top displays; encourage an RVF member from the District to be available to provide information;
      5. District Training events when appropriate in order to provide information about opportunities for Rotarian’s involvement in camping and
  3. Contact District Chairman of Fellowships and:
    1. Offer to provide information about
    2. Request that information about RVF be sent to clubs.
  4. Contact RVF Members within your Zone and:
    1. Provide a brief biography about yourself and your involvement in the RVF and offer to give any advice or assistance regarding RVF
    2. Request members in the various Districts within the Zone to consider involvement in an RVF Zone Committee so that each District within the Zone has an RVF Representative;
    3. Advise RVF members of any current or planned activities of RVF such as Zone rallies, other zone rallies, the annual rally,
    4. Suggest to members that they contact other RVF members in their immediate vicinity with a view to getting together for social activities;
    5. Promote gatherings of RVF members for social purposes;
    6. Encourage Rotarians in Districts within the Zone that do not currently have an RVF member to
  5. When possible, participate in rallies within and outside of your Zone, and encourage members to attend the annual rally.
  6. Submit and encourage members to submit articles about their RVF activities to our Newsletter editor, and website manager.
  7. Provide feedback and make practical suggestions for improving organizational results.