Fall Mountain Zone Rally in Clovis, NM

September 5-8, 2013

Ten rigs from the Rotary Recreational Vehicle Fellowship arrived at the Clovis RV Park "on the Quiet Side of Town" on Wednesday and Thursday, September 4 - 5 to begin the Fall Mountain Zone Rally in Clovis, NM. Four of the rigs arrived on Wed. - Wagonmasters Carey & Donna, along with Kirk & Jackie, Ken & Barbara, & Jim & Carla. Thursday saw the arrival of Denny & Cathy, Dick & Miwes, Clyde & Janice, Mike & Mary, & Ken & Rudie. Bob & Joyce arrived on Friday. A decision was made by the Wagonmasters to hold the rally here rather than the West Grand RV Park, because this campground didn't have the noise from the railroad tracks.


The park owner, Mark, allowed us to set up an eating area next to where most of us were parked.
It offered some shade during both the morning and evening meals, so it worked well for us.

100 8861 


Our first use of this facility was on Thursday evening's Happy Hour fellowship. Heavy appetizers were served and everyone liked the BYOB idea. Each person stood up and told us a little about themselves and shared their stories and Rotary background with the group.

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Friday morning arrived and we all went to the Norman & Vi Petty Rock & Roll Museum which was only about 3 miles south of the campground. We were introduced to the museum with a 15 minute video about the history of Norm Petty, his 7th St. studio and how he produced music with superstars like Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox and Roy Orbison. For more information visit: http://www.pettymuseum.com/

100 8871a 


As you enter the museum you take an elevator to the basement where you come across this re-creation of a 50's drive-up / sit-down diner with original juke boxes from that era.

100 8872 100 8873 100 8874 images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8875.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8876.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8878.jpg 100 8879 


This unique museum had a lot to offer, including a history of the railroad in Clovis and the Belen cutoff; eleven operating model train layouts of all different gauges; great views of the BSNF railroad operations, and a gift shop with model railroad hobby supplies and related gift items. For more information visit http://www.clovisdepot.com 

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8879a.jpgimages/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8881.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8882.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8884.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8885.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8887.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8889.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8890.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8891.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8892.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8893.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8894.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8895.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8896.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8897.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8898.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8900.jpg 


On Friday night we were wowed by the sight and sounds of Travis (Elvis) and Righteous Brother (Bill Medley) at the Curry County Events Center for the 2013 Clovis Music Festival. Souvenirs and festival food were available at the show.

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8901a.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8904.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8905.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8909.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8911.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8912.jpg 

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8915.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8916.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8920.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8921.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8922.jpg 


Saturday morning breakfast consisted of pancakes, French toast, sausage, coffee, juice and some of Donna's homemade bread and pastries.

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8923.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8924.jpg 


At 10:00am several of us visited the original Norman Petty 7th St. Studio for a tour by people who knew Norman & Vi Petty. We were entertained after the tour by one of the orignal members of the Fireballs. The Fireballs, sometimes billed as Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, was a rock and roll group, popular at the end of the 1950’s and in the early 1960’s, that recorded their music in this studio. The original 1958 line-up was: George Tomsco (lead guitar), Chuck Tharp (vocals), Stan Lark (bass), Eric Budd (drums), and Dan Trammell (rhythm guitar).

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8925.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8926.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8927.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8928.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8930.jpg 


Barbara & Carey split from the group and headed for a tour of the Blackwater Draw museum. The Blackwater Draw Museum displays artifacts and exhibits associated with the Locality No. 1 site. Over 13,000 years of site usage are described, from mammoth hunting to modern culture.

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8931.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8932.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8933.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8934.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8935.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8936.jpg 


We also visited the Blackwater Draw "Dig" site. Blackwater Locality No. 1 is a National Historic Landmark that is one of the most important archaeological sites in the New World. This unique site documents and interprets the earliest Paleoindian cultures in North America. It is a research entity and used as a reference point for Paleoindian Studies in North America and the Southern High Plains. Blackwater Locality No. 1 is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8937.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8938.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8941.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8942.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8943.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8944.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8945.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8946.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8947.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8948.jpg 


On the way back to the campground we stopped at the famous Foxy's Drive-In for an afternoon ice cream cone, and learned about the 57 year history of the restaurant from the owner.



Saturday night's "potluck" dinner featured a visit from New Mexico Rotary District 5520 Governor-Elect Lonnie Leslie and his wife Ardeth, who live in Clovis. They shared their story with us and we all had a great time feasting on the wonderful meal provided by all the members.

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8951.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8953.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8954.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8955.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8956.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8958.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8960.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8962.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8963.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8964.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8965.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8966.jpg 


After Sunday morning's  continental breakfast, we all started to break camp and head to our next destination. Carey & Donna were presented with "official" Wagonmaster pins by Bob Hamblin - Past President of the RVF. It was a fun event and we all look forward to the next one and hope that our paths cross again in the near future. For additional information about the RVF visit the RVF website at: rvfrna.org 

images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8967.jpg images/phocagallery/Rallies/2013/2013-09-05-Clovis-NM/100_8968.jpg 

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