Rolling Rotarian November 2012 Rally, Boerne TX

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The Rolling Rotarians rallied in Boerne, TX, November 8-11, at the Top of the Hill RV Resort. They enjoyed a great Rally in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. The RV Resort isn’t called the “Top of the Hill” for nothing. The view from the top through the large clubhouse windows across the valleys was beautiful and relaxing.

There were seven couples and RVs that came. Plus there were two couples that joined the group but did stay in RVs. So a total of eighteen Rolling Rotarians showed up from all over the Lone Star State of Texas. In attendance were: Denny and Cathy Pfaltzgraff, Mike and Mary Pinson, Al and Ann Brieger, David and Diane Chester, Clyde and Janice Glosson, Byron and Angela Maxwell, Al and Sherri Muniz, Chuck and Carol Ward. Dick and Miwes Baggett were Wagonmasters – their first time! Also, Friday night John Peterson, a local PDG from Boerne, and friend of the Baggett’s joined the group for supper and the evening activities.

Thursday we enjoyed our traditional potluck dinner and visit. Friday was an open day with no specific planned activity until dinner. The main dish for Friday dinner was King Ranch Chicken Casserole. The casserole came from the Hungry Horse Restaurant, owned and managed by a well respected Rotarian in Boerne. It was good!!

The special program for Friday night was a presentation by the Wagonmaster Dick Baggett on “Doolittle’s Raid on Tokyo”. Dick has made an avocation of researching and giving talks about the Doolittle Raid and its importance during the early days of World War II.

Saturday the group was free to go to the “Market Days in Boerne” and shop till they dropped, or take in other interesting activities in Hill Country. Several of the group claims some misguided loyalty to Texas A&M. So they watched the football game for awhile.

Saturday night the whole group went to the nearby Po Po Restaurant. As you can see from the picture of the group at dinner, the Po Po Restaurant, in addition to great food, is known for their collection of plates from all over the world – 2,100 plates to date!

A “tradition” for the Rolling Rotarians is for someone to bring one of those 1,000 piece puzzles to work on. Well the Wagonmasters brought one with lots of hot air balloons. It was a challenge and did not get completed, regardless of how many campers worked on it for 3 days.

The Rolling Rotarians had another great Rally and time of fellowship together in the pleasant Hill Country of Texas.

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Dinner at Po Po Restaurant

Dinner at Po Po Restaurant

More ladies with puzzle
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