Rolling Rotarians Rally, Texas

November 9-12, 2006

The Rolling Rotarians Fall Rally was held at Big Chief RV Resort next to Buchanan Lake near Burnet, Texas over the Veterans’ Day weekend. Although the rally was to be from Thursday to Sunday, Al & Ann Brieger, Byron & Angela Maxwell,and Mike & Mary Pinson enjoyed an attitude adjustment time in the Pinson’s new motor home Wednesday evening.

Included in the twenty-one attendees were our newest members Dennis & Cathy Pfaltzgraff. They were welcomed by one and all at our happy hour Thursday which included “heavy” hors d’oeuvres; or do they just make one heavy?

Friday morning found us munching on sausage & biscuits, fresh fruits, and an assortment of sweet things as some told of their exploits since we were last together. In mid-morning several members left to tour the Longhorn Caverns. They returned with stories of just how dark it was when the lights were turned out. Not only did people danced to the Big Bands in the ‘30’s, but outlaws hid out in the caves. I wonder if any of those outlaws discovered the low ceilings as did Clyde Glosson and Dennie Pfaltzgraff. Now just who were those campers who chuckled in the dark? Surely not Janice Glosson.

The weather was delightful as we toured Fort Croghan which was one of several forts built in Texas around 1849 to protect the settlers as they pushed the frontier westward. The town of Burnet is fortunate to have a few people who are interested in preserving a bygonecera for future generations. They have brought in several different types of log cabins along with typical household items for display on the old fort’s grounds. Jim Hall and Dean Rucker were interested in the old farm equipment while the women were trying to determine the names of the antique quilts in the cabins. Joy Taylor, our guide for the day was extremely knowledgeable and agreed to join us for dinner that night and to continue her stories of the area. Now if only our college history professors had her sense of humor…

With only one rally under their belt, Jim and Bonnie Mobley cooked a scrumptious dinner of catfish, chicken, fries, and hush puppy for all of us. And that was after Jim got up at 4:30 to go to his hunting lease. That deer didn’t have a chance when an expert hunter like Jim aimed his rifle!

Wagon Master Mike showed off his “flapjack flipping” expertise Saturday morning before the group took off for a tour of the Highland Lakes Commemorative Air Museum. Byron Maxwell and Al had lots of questions about the WWII aircraft. Memories?

Our group ate an early lunch at Tea-Licious on the courthouse square in Burnet. Not only did the restaurant feature quilt around the dining room, they had chandeliers decorated with teacups and handkerchiefs.

Our Saturday night festivities started with going to jail! No, not one of us had done anything to land us in jail; it was the Badu House Restaurant in Llano which had been a jail. When we were bailed out by paying our food bill we took in a night at the opera. No, make that the Country Opry Show where we were entertained by several bluegrass and country musicians, including Stonewall Jackson who was presented with a plaque for 50 years as a performerwith the Grand Ole’ Opry. Remember the performance at the Grand Ole’ Opry during the national rally last summer?

Everyone gathered early for our last breakfast together before breaking camp. Some seemed anxious to get back to responsibilities and others lingered on, hating to part such good company. True to Article III Purposes, Section 1. the purpose…shall be: (1) to promote fellowship and friendship among all Rotarians and spouses of Rotarians who enjoy…Well, suffice it to say that we followed that part of our constitution to the fullest!

We can’t say enough good things about The Big Chief RV Resort. The grounds, accommodations, rally room and staff were some of the finest we have ever encountered. When you find your way to central Texas, do check them out on the WEB.

Mary Pinson

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