Rolling Rotarians’ Spring Rally

For you Rotary RVFrs who aren’t privileged to be from TEXAS, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA etc., Rolling Rotarians is the name of a Fun-Loving group of Rotary RV Fellowship members from the southern part of the Central Zone.

Wagonmaster Gene Prewitt and the Real Wagonmaster, Ann planned Our Spring Rally for Buffalo Gap, TX.  Though it hadn’t rained in West Texas in months, it did.  Gene and Ann looked at the planned campground and decided to move the site out of the mud.  GOOD THINKING, GENE AND ANN!  We had the job of notifying everyone at the last minute.  We camped in nearby Abilene, TX but our activities were centered in Historic Buffalo Gap.  This little town got its name from the tens of thousands of Buffalo, which migrated, through a “gap” in the (almost) mountains.  The Indians (Native Americans) followed them.  They could have been the first of the “Snow-Birds” we so eagerly welcome each winter.  The Buffalo hunters came along in the 1850s, killed almost all the Buffalo. The Indians lost their principal food supply and left.  The buffalo hunters brought a permanent settlement that today is almost a Ghost Town.

A visit to the HISTORIC VILLAGE, a museum of early local and area buildings and memorabilia was the highlight of the Rally.  There were also great tours of Dyess Air Force Base; Camp Tonkawa, a Boy Scout Camp; and West Texas Rehabilitation Center.

Each day brought a Continental Breakfast and was punctuated with an Attitude Adjustment hour near 5:00 p.m.  Opening night was a treat with a Pot Luck planned around West Texas Beef Brisket and Beans.  Each subsequent evening ended with a meal out at one of several excellent restaurants.

Two sons, Chuck and Dee and their wives, Monica and Gwen, assisted Wagonmasters Gene and Ann Prewitt.  Our THANKS to all-them for the great job they did.

FUN, FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP were the three words which best describe this RALLY.   They just keep getting better and better.

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