The Rotary Rock Rollers in Tecopa, CA
March 7TH to 11TH, 2005 Rally Wow!!

WOW really doesn’t tell how great this rally really was at Tecopa, CA !

Wonderful people, wonderful weather (low 60s, great food and those wonderful Hot Pools all made for four terrific days.

The “Old Spanish Trail” and “The Old Mormon Trail” plus the iron and talc mines and “the Grand Canyon of Tacopa” provided our first 4X4 run.  We had the Geologist for the Death Valley area along to tell us what we were seeing.  Some of us brought back rocks that are 1.1 Billion years old. Then home for our Pot Luck.  Robin Flinchum told us the rest of her book on “the Ladies of the Evening” in the mining camps of yesteryear.

Wednesday most of the group went to Pahrump to attend the Rotary meeting and the club there gave us a cake decorated to commemorate the 100 years of Rotary.  Those that did not attend went instead to Death Valley to view the wild flowers. It was reported as the best showing in 50 years. “Just Beautiful!”

Following the Chili Burgers that evening we heard from Ken Lengner who has been exploring Death Valley for 30 years and from his friend, George Ross who was born in the Tecopa area 79 years ago. What a memory this man has!

Thursday we had a run to the Denning Spring area which our Geologist, Benny Troxel, mapped a few years ago, and then traveled on to Salt Basin and C.C. Canyon where Benny explained that Canadian Club had hidden a case of C.C. for someone to find.

From C.C. Canyon we visited a Sheep Spring cabin and a beautiful rock display on the side of a nearby hill, and finally down a “two-track” road back to camp.  Little did we know that the evening’s program speaker, BLM Ranger, Dave Brenner, was above us in a plane taking pictures of our ramble.  He included them in his presentation to everyone’s delight.

2005 03 7 Rock RollerRotary Rock Rollers en route through the wilderness

We took up a collection for the Shoshone Museum totaling $312.00 and gave it to Benny for the museum. These Far West Rotarians are indeed far more generous to the benefit of others than they are for themselves.

Friday was beer & cakes and little smokies and Goodbyes until 2006 when we will be back again!

Dave Stomps, Wagonmaster

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